If staying inside our living spaces for the better part of 2020 made us realize anything, it’s “there’s no place like home.” Our homes became – and in most places remain – multi-functional spaces, serving as an office, a school, an entertainment center, and a shelter from what looms outside. And since we’re spent more time at home, we’ve discovered that some spaces could use an upgrade. 

Our homes have quite literally become our sanctuaries, having a big influence on the interior design trends for 2021. 

Inspired by Nature

Natural elements have been an interior design trend in recent years and this trend is expected to continue through 2021. Also referred to as biophilic design, it’s a way to bring nature to our homes. Studies show a strong link between natural elements and mental health, and in today’s world, this connection is more important than ever. 

The events of the past year have also helped us learn to appreciate the smaller things in life and take time to slow down? Why refresh your home with plants and other natural elements such as rattan or stone to make your space more relaxing?

Wow with (Light) Wood

In recent years, light wood has popped up in all aspects of interior design from flooring to furniture to accent walls and cabinetry. Drawing influence and inspiration from Scandinavian modern minimalism, using light wood creates a unique, modern space with a rustic touch. The combination of modern décor and natural materials balances your home perfectly. 

Thanks to its raw color and aesthetic, light wood works well with natural design elements and casual interiors. Expect this trend to continue throughout the year. 

Keep it in Neutral 

Neutral colors
 will never go out of style, as they add elegance to any space and help make any room appear larger. Using neutrals also creates a comforting and welcoming, which is especially important since we’re still spending more time at home with our loved ones. 

Bring Travel Home

The events of 2020 limited travel for most of us, and unfortunately, we have to reconsider our travels for 2021. However, you can still bring your favorite travel memories and style into your home with a travel-themed room.  Think about what décor or style you liked from your travels and incorporate that style in your home. Did you enjoy a trip to the southwest? Add a terra cotta vase to your living room or install a tile backsplash to your kitchen. At the very least, display some photos from your trip around your home. 

Make a Statement

If you’re looking for a way to add depth or flair to your space, adding a statement piece or two.  

Statement pieces can mean anything from a piece of oversized art, an ethnic coffee table, or an armchair in a unique color or fabric. 

Go Vintage 

vintage design style is much more than just an “old” design style. Embracing a vintage style brings warmth to your living space. By mixing modern décor with furniture from a different era adds character to your space. 

You can even take your vintage look one step further by combining a statement piece and Grand Millennial style. This style is a nod to the floral and chinoiserie décor in our grandparent’s homes. Achieve the look by layering extra cushy chairs and carved wood goods with a modern twist. 

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